ASEA Redox Cell Power – The Power that Created You is the Power that will Heal You

ASEA Redox Cell Power - The Power that Created You is the Power that will Heal You

Amazing Anti-Aging Health Breakthrough 10 to 15 Years Ahead of its Time

ASEA (Redox) helps your body heal itself like when you were a kid

Your cells know how to take care of your body, and we know how to take care of your cells.

The science of Redox has been known for decades. It is one of the most researched fields in medicine.  There are over 15,000 peer reviewed research papers and 1,200 books.  Multiple Nobel prizes have been awarded.  They have always understood the potential payoff, but it was declared impossible.  There was no reason for the public to know, because there were no products available… until now.  ASEA stands alone as the only product in a new revolutionary category.  People have been taking it for 9 years now.  The Redox signaling molecules are native to the body, but decrease in quantity as you get older.  That is why it takes longer for you to heal, and it results in many age-related health conditions.  The Redox signaling molecules are extremely reactive and only last for a few nanoseconds in the body, which is why they were so difficult to stabilize.  The problem went unsolved for decades, but someone figured it out. 

A pharmaceutical company tried to buy it and stick it on the shelf, because it conflicts with all of their drugsThey only want to treat the symptoms, because they want to keep you as a customer for life for all of their expensive drugs.  Your body knows how to take of itself, but the communication breaks down as you get older due to a lack of Redox signaling molecules.  Your cells just need a little help to communicate better in their old age.  Nature did not intend for us to live this long, or to ingest this many toxins.  We are living twice as long as our great great grandparents.  We also ingest more toxins in one day, then they ingested in their entire lifetime.  That is why all of these chronic problems are showing up, especially in the second half of our life.

I haven't felt this good since my late 20's.

Even things I didn't dare dream of have come true.​

My health turned south at about the age of 30.  I was hospitalized 3 times in my early thirties.  All through my 30’s, I was fighting it with every once of energy I had.  I could see some things getting worse year after year, and I feared there would come a day when I could not work.   Most people with my condition die in their 50’s, so I got busy living like I was dying.  I also took extreme measures to prepare for my financial future.  

I took the product for about 3 months without telling anyone.  I wasn’t paying attention and connecting the dots.  Then, I got invited to a seminar, and I sat through it for 5 hours.  I started thinking about all the things that happened over the previous three months that had never happened before.  Since then, I have been running tests and systematically observing and documenting what I find.  I am intentionally pushing my limits, and I have discovered that those limits have moved and keep moving.  I am an engineer, and I am very objective and factual by training.  The more I learn about my own family’s experience, the more my confidence builds.  I am only going to talk about the small things here.  I am still taking the medications, so I don’t know what happened with the big ones.  However, I do see the symptoms decreasing.

My contact prescription dropped for the first time ever.  I was on ASEA for no more than a few weeks when I went in for my checkup.  In addition, my contacts have been irritating my eyes for over 20 years.  I think it is actually the eye lids from when the contacts rub against them.  I put the ASEA cream on the outside of the eyelids, and it relieved them on the first day for about half the day.  Later that day, I learned that you can spray ASEA in your eyes, because they are also made of cells.  I took out the contacts when I did it, and my eyes had not felt that good in a long time.  The off the shelf eye drops last for less than an hour and are not really soothing.  After a week, the problem was solved.  The lady that cleans my teeth at the dentist couldn’t believe how healthy my guns were, when she found out that I wasn’t flossing.

I had a mild fever a couple of days ago.  I took a Tylenol, but still felt lousy two hours later.  Then, I applied the ASEA cream all over my face, head, and shoulders, and I immediately felt almost normal.  It wore off after about 8 hours, so I repeated the same process.  Tylenol didn’t help for the first two hours, and the ASEA did the trick again.  I almost played tennis that evening.  I drank the ASEA every two hours, and the fever was gone in one day.  I haven’t slept that well in almost 10 years.  It even changed my complexion to something more healthy looking, in part due to increased blood flow to the skin.

I have also noticed that my tennis game is much better.  I am chasing down everything now, even between points.  For six weeks, I was exercising every day, which is by far the longest that I have ever done it.  I also fixed a problem with my form and was taking some protein shakes.  With the combination of that, the exercise, and ASEA, I feel like I am ready to take it to the next level.  The muscles are like “You can do it.  You can do it,” and the fat is like “I don’t think so.”  The muscles used to be the bottleneck.  I guess that I have to lose weight, but I feel like I can do it with just exercise and improved cell function.  I have already lost weight, and I am actually eating more.  I don’t get out of breath anymore, even when I am playing singles and chasing down balls for multiple points in a row.  I now order the sports packs and drink them before and during play.  One weekend I played 3 hours of tennis two days in a row.  I wasn’t even tired or sore, although I was drinking a lot of protein.  In fact, the second day, I played the best I have ever played.  The mere fact that my arm was not Jello surprised me.  Before ASEA, I could not play two days in a row.  Now, the recovery time is so fast that I get better the next day no matter how much I pushed myself the previous day.  I am running my elliptical at a much higher RPM.  It used to take effort to get out my chair, and now I jump out.  Climbing up the stairs no longer feels like work.  Sometimes, I run up them and I don’t get out of breath.  When you combine ASEA with exercise, incredible things happen.  My body feels like it is 15 years younger.  

My mind is clearer too.  It is better than meditation.  It feels like time is moving slower, because my mind does not get distracted by its own thoughts.  I don’t feel the need to rush any more.  I am not feeling stressed, and I don’t feel the need to compensate by eating snacks.  It is smarter about what it focuses on, and it processes things in a calmer way.  I do a lot of thinking.  Before, it was so intense that it was difficult to interrupt it and do something else.  It is easier to let go of what I am thinking about now, which is part of the reason why I am able to exercise every day.  I kept it up for 6 weeks.  Normally, I do it for one week, and then I get distracted by something else.  I can’t make it my highest priority forever.  Even the expression on my face has changed, and I don’t squint any more.  It used to be the expression of a man that was struggling, and now it is the expression of a man that has everything under control.  Everything was so difficult, and now it is so effortless.  The limits have moved, and they keep moving further.  I don’t have to compensate by being more intense any more.  Things just come to me naturally.

The ASEA allows me to exercise every day, recover faster, multi-task better, and sleep better. Add in lots of protein and organic foods, and the combination of everything has been absolutely life-altering. I was already a rocket scientist, tennis player, and veteran entrepreneur. Now, I am operating multiple levels higher than before across both physical and mental dimensions. The only thing I have to remember is take my ASEA. It is the key to the rest of it.

My Mom has had the opposite of Parkinson’s for about 15 years (the stiffness kind).  At this point, she can barely walk and talk.  She can’t track objects with her eyes, and it is so difficult for her to eat that she has been become very thin.  She can’t get out more than one sentence at a time, and it is often difficult to understand.  The Web site,, specifically mentions that Redox benefits Parkinson’s along with several other conditions that my family has.  My contact as ASEA also knows someone who has Parkinson’s.  She says you can’t even tell she has it.  We are going to test it.  Hopefully, it will help her.  I never even dreamed that was possible.  She has an even worse eye irritation problem than me that the doctors could not figure out how to fix.  ASEA did the trick once again

You should see what it can do on the inside.

There is a cream for the outside, and a liquid for the inside.  When you are young, your skin renews every 28 days. When you are over 50, it can extend to every 90 days.  We also have some special vitamins that are specifically designed to be absorbed by the body.  The vitamins provide the material, and the Redox signalling molecules provide the labor.  It is a powerful 1 – 2 punch for cellular health.

Results of Third Party Testing on Athletes
The "side effects" are good news, not bad news.

If it didn't work, then people would stop taking it, and they certainly would not tell their friends.

There are professional athletes and Olympians that swear by it.  There is a video at the bottom of this page that describes the results of testing on athletes.  There is no advertising budget. It is just spreading by word of mouth.  It has changed over 150,000 of lives, including many people who had lost all hope.  I went to a seminar and met about a dozen people with serious conditions that had tried everything.  Traditional medicine had failed them.  Then, they found this, and everything changed.  It is one thing to read about it on the Internet.  It is a whole ‘nother to meet them, and hear them tell their story while choking on tears.  You should see the 1000’s of testimonials for all kinds of people with all kinds of conditions, internal and external.  I can add you to a Facebook group, where you can browse at your leisure or search for any condition.  Facebook uses real identities, and you can’t make this stuff up.  Better yet, you should meet even one.  (Contact me)  

Disclaimer: The ASEA technology is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or medical condition.  It is a supplement for cellular health that is native to the body, but decreases with age.

Do you understand how smart your cells are?
They are programmed with DNA

People think that cells are simple unintelligent things, and it could not be further from the truth.  Your genes contain the blueprint for a healthy you.  You start with 2 and they turn into 75 trillion specialized cells.  They are all in exactly the right place, and they each know exactly what to do.  In general, they do a fantastic job of taking care of you for upwards of 30 years They do not need any assistance from foreign drugs.  They create and maintain the most intelligent creature on Earth capable of understanding everything all by themselves.  Starting at the age of 20, the cell communication starts breaking down.  Do you see what is possible if you keep your cell-signaling healthy?  Just take care of your cells, and they will take care of everything else.

“We are the only company in the world to have the labor and materials for complete cellular health” – Jarom Webb, ASEA President

Restore Balance and Performance at the Cellular Level

Your Redox cell-signaling molecules are declining in quantity with age.

ASEA is a supplement for cellular health, which is native to the body and directly replaces your missing Redox cell-signaling molecules The reason all of those pharmaceutical drugs have all of those nasty side effects is because they are foreign to your body.  ASEA is not designed to treat any specific condition, but your entire body is made of cells.  Just take care of them, and watch what they can do.  There is a video that describes how the product works at the bottom of this page.   It improves the communication between your cells, and your cells do all the work.  

Your body frequently gets out of balance in the second half of your life, because we weren’t meant to live this long.  It is like Mother Nature has designed our body to kill itself to make room for the next generation.  It may be better for evolutionary purposes.  Mother nature wants to run a new experiment with your offspring, and you are in the way.  We have managed to double our lifetime, but we are mostly treating the symptoms with unnatural drugs.  ASEA restores the balance between “Oxidative” stress (or “rusting”) and “Inflammatory” stress (or “reactive”) at the cellular level.  Dr. Ward wrote a whole book about Redox.

Image credit: Dr. Ward, Author of “Healthy Cells, Healthy Life: Balancing Redox for Better Health” –

All illness is expressed in one of two ways: a predominance of oxidative stress-related symptoms and signs (similar to rusting, but in a biological sense), or a predominance of inflammatory (reactive) signs and symptoms.  Health can be achieved by addressing imbalances in these areas and then moving the REDOX needle back to the balance point.  We can choose to provide support foundationally by addressing our REDOX potential.  This is done primarily through lifestyle adjustments and also by supplementing REDOX signaling molecules.” – Dr. Robertson D. Ward, Author of “Healthy Cells, Healthy Life: Balancing Redox for Better Health” –

“As medical science advances, it appears to become more and more difficult to find treatments that are not harmful to certain parts of the body and yet offer real benefits to the patient… Redox signaling is one of the best positioned  technologies to lead the transformation of medical science.  It has all the right stuff….   It plays a fundamental role in cell communication, helping the cells to optimally do what they are already programmed to do.  It helps the body locate the damaged cells inside us, kill them or replace them and to better regenerate healthy tissue.” – Dr. Gary Samuelson

Your Redox cell-signaling molecules will decline by 10% per decade starting at age 20.
Your Glutathione levels will decline by 15% per decade starting at age 20.

Stop treating the symptoms and applying band-aids.  Instead, get to the root of the problem.  If your cells are healthy, your organs will be healthy.  If your organs are healthy, your body will be healthy.  All disease is a result of oxidative stress or inflammatory stress. When your body burns oxygen, it creates 100 sextillion free radicals every day.  That is 1 with 23 zeros.  If they are not mopped up, they will steal an electron from your cells and cause a chain reaction causing your body to rust at the cellular level.  Redox molecules will provide the electron that the free radicals want, and Glutathione and other anti-oxidants will connect them together.

Glutathion is the master anti-oxidant that mops up these free radicals, and you are losing it every decade after the age of 20.  People that live to 100 have high Glutathione.  Their Glutathione levels are the equivalent of a 30 to 50 year old.  People who die young of disease have low Glutathion.  Eight out of ten people with chronic diseases in the hospital have low Glutathione.  Glutathione is 72 million times more effective than the consumable anti-oxidants that you have probably heard of, because it operates inside your cells.  It is not as helpful to take Glutathione orally or by injection, because it is too large to penetrate your cells, where it is needed.  Inflammation is caused by oxidative stress as well.  Your immune system starts misbehaving and attacking your own body.  Redox is short for reduction of oxidation.  It is a scientific term for something happens inside your cells.

There is now a way to get Glutathione back into your cells in sufficient numbers.  ASEA naturally increases your body’s production of Glutathione by 500% to 800% by directly replacing your missing Redox cell-signalling molecules.  Glutathione also needs a supply of Redox molecules to perform its function as an anti-oxidant, and you are losing that every decade after the age of 20 as well.  ASEA has many other beneficial effects too, because it helps your cells communicate like they were young again.  Best of all, ASEA’s Redox molecules are native to your body, and they use your cells’ existing programming.  

Glutathione Fights Oxidative and Inflammatory Stress

ASEA increases Glutathione efficiency by as much as 500% to 800% naturally and internal to your cells, where it is needed. Directly supplementing Glutathione does not work, because it is too large to penetrate your cells.​

Consumable anti-oxidants are too large to penetrate the cell and in insufficient quantity

The Safest Supplement in History

“Supplementing Redox molecules is completely safe.  They are produced natively in the body through production of energy in the Kerb’s cycle.  That cycle is always going to occur.” – Dr. Robertson D. Ward, M.D.

The Redox molecules in a bottle of ASEA are the exact same molecules that your cells produce.  It is not even indirect.   They are being directly supplemented.  It is not foreign to your body. Foreign substances are what cause all of those nasty side effects.  One part of your body loves it, and the rest of your body hates it.  The question is, can the rest of your body tolerate it?  All of your cells love Redox molecules.  Redox molecules belong in every cell in your body, so none of them dislike it.  They are actually thirsty for it.  They are like “Where have you been all this time?”  Maybe the unhealthy ones hate it, because they are going to be replaced by healthy ones.  You can’t even overdose on it.  It will just turn in to salt water.  Cancer patients will take it every two hours.  Redox cell-signalling molecules belong in your body and are fundamental to your cells’ performance.  They are missing in sufficient quantity as you get older.  They simply amplify your cells’ existing programming to levels you had when you were young, and your cells do all the work.

It is native to your body, unlike everything else you eat and breathe.

You can try the cream on the outside first, if that is more comfortable.

It is the same product.  One is built for the inside and one is built for the outside.  The ingredients are just salt and water It is configured in a special way, but you know exactly what you are putting on or in your body.  That is what you are made of.  The reason all of those pharmaceutical drugs have all of those nasty side effects is because they are foreign to your body.  Even your food has all kinds of chemicals in it If you are lucky, it will pass through without doing anything, like almost all of the supplements you are eating.  The soil is depleted of minerals, so you have to get it from somewhere.  We have a product for that too, and it is designed so that your body will absorb it.  The vitamins provide the material, and the Redox molecules provide the labor.  The stuff that I eat is almost all organic these days… even the snacks.  I recognize all of the ingredients on the back of the label.   I can show you how to do that too.  My cholesteroI dropped like a rock when I started to cut out all of the preservatives, so I took it to another level.  ASEA has been third party certified for both safety and efficacy.  Their manufacturing facility is FDA and NSF certified, unlike 95% of supplement makers.  The contents of other supplement makers’ products often do not even match what the label says.

It is too good to be true, but all of our technology looks like magic.

Last year, the science finally caught up with the testimonials.

We already knew it was good for your cells, and we could see the effect it was having on people.  The ASEA technology is so advanced, that it took us 9 years to figure out how to prove some of the steps in the middle.  We ran scientific tests on athletes, and verified that the product is effective at enhancing endurance and other performance factors.  There is a video at the bottom of this page that discusses the results and a mechanism by which they are achieved.  The business is built on testimonials.  People just tell their story to their friends and family.  Very often, their doctor can’t believe it.  Most doctors have never heard of it.  They are trained in pharmaceuticals.   They will give you a blanket statement about how there is no proof that any supplements work for the specific condition that you have.  They are actually required by law to say something like that.  They will not do the research for you, because people approach them with miracle opportunities multiple times a month.  We have lots of doctors on our side too, after they have done the research.  Sometimes, they quit their practice and do this instead.  Your doctor will find out from you, and you may not tell a soul until after you have seen the proof for yourself.  I know I didn’t.  Don’t give up because you think you have tried everything.  Just try one more thing.

Don't bother researching it on your own

Big Pharma is our competitor, and they are using scare tactics

Our best information is password protected.  You have to know someone.  Don’t pay attention to the stuff that is by amateurs for amateurs, because the product is too complex.  Watch out for articles sponsored by pharmaceutical companies.  They are our competitors, and they have a lot to lose.  For example, there is a high ranking article that says that the product is just “expensive salt water.”  It is written by someone that is sponsored by the pharmaceutical industry.  We researched it.  Even the writing style comes across as pure propaganda and scare tactics.  You will find articles like this against everything alternative.  Big Pharma wants you to believe that there is no alternative to their expensive drugs, so that you remain addicted to their treatment of only the symptoms.  BioAgilytix has certified that there are, in fact, Redox molecules in each bottle.  You can’t make up the 1000’s of testimonials that I can show you, and they are all from real people like you and me.  

The Product:
The Science:,,

Usage Tips

  • Do not order from Amazon. We have tested it, and there are frequently quality problems. It is just random people.
  • Order fresh product direct from our FDA certified factory.
  • It is recommended that you try the product for at least 90 days. After 30 days, about 30% of people will notice something, and after 90 days about 90% of people will notice something. It takes time, because your body is slowly replacing your unhealthy cells with healthy ones.
  • About 5% of people experience headaches, rashes, etc. in the first week or so, as the product removes toxins from the body. This is normal, and is evidence that the product is working.
  • The product will last for a year in the bottle, but it is recommended not to store for long periods. It is extremely reactive, so it is best to use quickly.
  • Take a before and after picture, and document your progress. You may not notice the slow changes, or you may forget.
  • If 4oz a day isn't enough, then try doubling the dose. It is often needed for people over 50.
  • Do not expose to direct sunlight
  • Shake cream tube before each use.
  • Apply the cream, wait 5 min, apply, wait 5 min, apply for maximum results
  • Use both cream and liquid twice a day.
  • Do not eat or drink 5 min before or after taking ASEA.
  • Do not drink out of the bottle. Your saliva will destroy the product, as it reacts with organic material.
  • Wash the cup after each use.
  • Take it before you brush your teeth.
  • Swish it around in your mouth for about 60s before swallowing to maximize absorption.
  • Apply blueberry-sized portion of cream to scratches, pain, soreness, or anywhere there are issues with your body. It is all made of cells.
  • Apply cream to face, neck, ears, hands, private parts...
  • Apply under arms to reduce smell and help glands located there.
  • Purchase spray bottle, and spray in your eyes. Your eyes are also made of cells. Watch your prescription drop.
  • Apply after shaving. You skin will be too soft to shave.
  • Take 20 minutes before exercise, and your body will burn fat instead of muscle. It will also improve performance.
  • Combine ASEA with exercise and incredible things will happen. It will take less effort too.
  • Temperature extremes do not affect the product

If you could have two wishes, what would they be?

Think about your answer before you read this section.

I frequently ask people this question.   Normally, they do not even dare to dream of dreams this big.  They believe that if their doctor and traditional medicine cannot solve their problem, then there is no solution.  They also believe that there are limits to what they can achieve financially.  When I do ask this question, these are the inevitable two answers.

  • Good health for my family
  • Financial freedom

This opportunity represents both with what may be the best product in the history of the world.  If I handed you the keys to the kingdom, would you turn the key?  What if there was a window, and you could see the people on the other side?

Cellular health is the key to everything… even your financial freedom.

It is not about willpower. It is about whypower.

With ASEA, you can save money on healthcare costs, and you can earn a commission by educating people and building a team.  You can build a business around what may be the best product in the history of the world without any investment, and it is patented.  What more could you ask for?  It will continue to produce a residual income stream, even if you scale back the time that you invest.  It is possible to retire on it.  I was already a veteran entrepreneur, and I knew how important it was to have a reason why.  I always knew the hard work would pay off, but I had no idea the payoff would be so big.  I was trying to win my financial freedom, and, instead, I found a solution to the real problem… my family’s health.  It has already made a big difference for me, and if it even helps my Mom a little, then I will have two things that I never even dreamed of.  If you know why, you can put up with any how.  Ask yourself why you want your financial freedom.  Then ask yourself why you want that, and repeat 5 times.  If your final why does not make you cry, then that is not your why.  It is impossible to stop someone that has a powerful why, and is willing to do whatever it takes.

People are brilliant at getting what they need.  They all figure out how to survive.  But, they are terrible at getting what they want.  They stop, because they are tired, and they don’t want it badly enough.  Life does not give you what you want.  It gives you what you deserve They just don’t have a powerful enough reason why.  If you don’t keep your mind busy with future goals, then it will waste the time worrying about the past, what other people think, and things that will never happen.  You will have to distract yourself with entertainment.  Will you be a lion roaring at the top of the mountain alone and proud, or will you be a sheeple always worrying about what others think?  If you follow conventional wisdom, then you will get conventional results.  You need uncommon wisdom to get uncommon results.  I can introduce you to people like us, so that you know that you are not crazy.  There are plenty of people that had it worse and did the next to impossible.  The struggle is precisely what made them strong.  You just need a mentor that can show you the way.  Be sure to contact me, as I can help you make your business thrive.  If I don’t pay it forward and share it, then the knowledge will die with me.  The whole name of this game is to duplicate yourself.

The 5 Step Formula for Seizing What You Want From Life

Are you willing to do whatever it takes?

I was given some incredible gifts and some incredible curses.  As a young man, I graduated as Salutatorian of my High School.  I played three Varsity sports, and I scored an 800 on every math test I ever took.  I ended up getting a PhD from a Top 5 engineering school and literally doing rocket science at a Top 5 Aerospace company.  There were also some incredible curses.  I was an extreme introvert, so I had few friends in my 20’s.  At about the age of 30, my health turned south.  I was hospitalized 3 times in my early thirties.  I just kind of survived day after day for about 2 years, but I was barely alive.  Most people with my condition die in their 50’s.  It was difficult to date because of the combination of the health conditions and the extreme introversion.  I decided that I couldn’t live like that.  I made the decision to fight them with every ounce of energy I had all through my 30’s.  I could see my health getting worse in some ways over the years, and I feared there would come a day when I could not work.  My company solved the introversion problem in my mid-30’s by giving me an opportunity to become an architect.  I took extreme measures in my free time to prepare for my financial future.  Along the way, I learned how to achieve next to impossible things.  I have actually been doing them my entire life.  I mentor people these days on how to achieve their dreams.  

Here is a roadmap for how to work yourself out of your current situation. 

  1. Make a list of everything you want.   If you don’t know what you want, then you are at the mercy of what other people want. There are four categories: personal, professional, adventure, and contribution.  When I did this, they all felt like multi-year projects.
  2. Pick one goal in each category that you want to work on this year, and write a paragraph about why you want it.  It is not about willpower.  It is about whypower.
  3. Ask yourself why you want your financial freedom.  Then ask yourself why you want that and repeat for 5 whys.  If your final why does not make you cry, then that is not your why.
  4. Find an NLP audio program about goals and listen to it every day.  It will remind you about what you want.
  5. Be on the lookout for opportunities that get you closer to your goals.  I did not take action on all of them immediately, but I eventually saw the right opportunities and seized them.  I remember 11 things on that original list from 9 years ago, and I now have 9.  I am very close to getting number 10.

"...the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do" ... "Stay hungry. Stay foolish." - Steve Jobs

People deserve to know what their options are.

At this point, I have decided that people deserve to know.  There are so many people that need the help, but we have a massive information war to fight.  We are winning it anyways.  That Big Pharma company that tried to buy it and shut it down obviously did their homework and knew what the founders had.  What more proof do you need?  If you were over 70 and offered multiple millions, what would you do?   That was always the plan.  Would you take it if you knew that your friends would suffer?  They lost faith in Big Pharma, turned it down. and decided to go it alone.  Did you ever have faith?  This is a fight that the underdog has to win, even if we have to do it one person at a time. 

Hopefully, you are an independent thinker like me, and you make your own decisions.  The biggest risk is not taking any risk.  I have no problem with doing something that is different from everyone else, because I am a veteran entrepreneur that does that every day.  I know how to make a decision and take a calculated risk.   I push the limits of my abilities every day, and I am always looking for an edge.  My whole life is living on the bleeding edge of technology.  My day job is literally rocket science.  If you act like a sheeple and wait for the crowd, then you may be waiting for decades… if they ever figure it out.  It has already been 9 years.  The product is so complex, that we are explaining it one person at a time.  I would be happy to answer your questions.  I can also provide a substantial discount off the retail price, and I can even show you how to get it paid for.  

"Two roads diverged in a wood and I - I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference." - Robert Frost

How the Product Works

Do not order from Amazon, as there are frequently quality problems.

It is just random people.  Order fresh product direct from the FDA certified factory using the link below.  There are also major discounts available, and I can even show you how to get it paid for.  I am a veteran entrepreneur, and I mentor people that are thinking about making a business out of it. ASEA is now a medium-sized company in over 30 countries, and the product now has nine years of history with over 150,000 customers.

Don't miss out on the biggest thing since the wheel. You found it early.

Questions? I have read lots of material, listened to many presentations, and I have insider contacts.

Do you want to know more about the business opportunity? My mentor makes seven figures, and I can show you how she does it.

Order fresh product direct from the FDA and NSF certified factory

  • ASEA slowly replaces the unhealthy cells in your body with healthy cells, and this process can take months.
  • With the ASEA cream intended for the outside, you can often see results instantly or within 30 days.  Apply, wait 5 min, apply, wait 5 min, apply, for best results.
  • With the ASEA liquid intended for the inside, about 30% of people will notice something in the first 30 days, and about 90% of people will notice something in the first 90 days.
  • The ASEA VIA vitamin, probiotic, and anti-aging capsules feature BioAvailability and are specially formulated for absorption.  They provide the raw materials the Redox molecules need to do their job.
  • Please bookmark this page, and refer to the Usage Tips if you become a customer
  • Price: $130 for a one month supply of the liquid, or $35 for a tube of the cream (on autoship). Now that I know what it does, it is the last expense I will ever cut.  There is no price I can put on my health.
  • Find 5 customers, and it will be paid for.
  • Build a team of 100’s or even 1000’s and experience the American dream to its fullest.

Quite possibly the best product in the history of the world, and it is patented. I can hand you the keys to the kingdom, but you have to turn the key.

Disclaimer: The ASEA technology is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or medical condition.  It is a supplement for cellular health that is native to the body, but decreases with age.